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Travis Stovall

Travis Stovall developed an interest in investing while studying Business Administration and Finance at Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska. Combining classroom learning with independent study, he quickly displayed an aptitude for equities trading. By the time Stovall enrolled in the MBA program at the University of Nebraska, his stock market savvy had earned him one-day gains as large as $17,000 and paid for his college tuition.

A glance at Stovall’s resumé confirms his gift for financial management. As a healthcare administrator, he has directed multi-million dollar development projects. He has also succeeded in the role of entrepreneur, assuming the lead in ventures that have exceeded revenue projections by as much as fifty percent. Today, he serves as President of The Stovall Group, a consulting firm that he established to assist start-up businesses and companies looking to grow and reorganize. Active in the community, Stovall has been featured in The Oregonian for his dynamic leadership of the Gresham Area Chamber of Commerce, first as Vice President of Business Development, and now as President. In addition, he is a board member of several prominent local and regional organizations.

Stovall’s true passion, however, is empowering others to realize their dreams through financial education. “I received an excellent educational foundation and learned a lot through trial and error,” he says of his success as an investor. “Now, I enjoy helping people shorten the learning curve that I experienced by making complex ideas easier to understand.”


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